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Four factors contribute to the U

As a global trade, the United States since the early 70s of last century’s foreign trade deficit started the first time, after which the country’s imports has not been reduced, but showed an increasing momentum. trade deficit is like runaway horses, a rapid increase. foreign trade imports rose rapidly, not whim, but rather a profound economic background. trade deficit is from the last century started in the early 70s. As you know, until after the war until 1970, the United States has been a surplus in foreign trade. dollars of foreign trade deficit. trade deficit has been rising. foreign trade since the highest on record. trade deficit declined. dollars. Is far greater than the average level of the early 70s. From 2001 to 2002 the first 8 months of cheap nfl jerseys from china USA’s foreign trade imports are greater than exports. dollars. dollars of imports over exports. dollars. dollars. Important to note that in recent years, the United States showed an increase of imports wholesale nhl jerseys china is why the momentum is determined by the following reasons: First, the strong momentum of private consumption, imports rose to become the fundamental driving forces. GDP, and its development trend of foreign imports to the United States is at stake. economy despite the twists and turns, but private consumption has been powerful and prosperous. personal consumption expenditures for its contribution to GDP, degree of 2.95, both higher than the first quarter, wholesale jerseys higher in the second quarter. GDP is usually higher than other elements. private consumption expenditure are generally present 4% 5% growth rate. While private consumption expenditure to maintain strong momentum to the private purchase of imported cars and other commodities. This is a substantial increase in imports of American goods has undoubtedly played a positive role in promoting. industrial restructuring and accelerated the pace of its imports. The United States is a high tech based Western countries, through the last century 90′s industrial restructuring, the cheap jerseys traditional industries in general have shifted to overseas, focus on the development of domestic high tech industries. foreign dependence on the traditional industrial products higher, which the traditional industrial exports to foreign countries to the United States is a favorable time. According to statistics, in 2002 from January to September, only in the United States textile imports from 10 countries and regions, China accounted for 15.45 percent, topped the list; followed by Canada, accounting for 12.08%; again in Mexico, accounting for 10 .18%. Third, the economic downturn in Japan and the European Union, foreign exports. Is not only the Japanese economy in 2002 continued to decline, the EU economy is quite weak. For this reason, these two areas are taken to restrict imports and encourage exports of trade policy. trade surplus 13.1 billion euros, compared to 2001 11.4 billion euros during the same period a net increase of 17 billion euros. imports of goods increased. high consumption policies, as its imports rose by one aspect of the driving forces. The United States is a typical high cost country, and therefore, the residents would prefer debt to the consumer, I do not want the money used for savings, will become an American lifestyle. In addition, the United States ethnic and multi level of consumption all kinds. The higher income levels, like the import of luxury goods; while low income levels, then a special liking for imported low grade commodities. This is in large extent, the United States has accelerated the pace of imports into imports more than exports, and thus a large number of trade deficit a very important reason.Articles Connexes:

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