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Funfest Productions, Inc. is a full-service concert and special event production company. For concerts, we have access to staging, sound systems, lighting systems, generators and technicians. We can also help layout and design your entire event. We have access to tents, porta johns, fencing, generators and anything else you would need to put on a world-class event. We can also provide national and local bands, novelty acts, children’s entertainment, carnival rides, art exhibits and other activities.

Please call us at (586) 493-4344 or e-mail us at info@funfestinc.com.

Hire us to Enhance Your Event

Funfest Productions, Inc. can help you book, promote and market your event to the masses. We can handle all of your advertising needs with radio, television, newspapers and other forms of media. The following is a sample of what we can do:

  • Event Booking: Local, Regional, and National Talent at our fingertips
  • Marketing: Television, Radio, Print, Internet, Social Media
  • Event Production: You name it, we can provide it and manage it
  • Concert Production: We will handle all the needs for your entertainers
  • Concessions: Manage every aspect of your food & beverage operation
  • Labor: Providing stagehands and specialized labor is our specialty
  • Sponsorships: Acquire the right sponsors to help pay for your event
  • Vendors: Deliver vendors that sell a variety of goods and services that will pay you to be at your event

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