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Need an internship for school credit?

Funfest Productions, Inc. offers Event-Planning Internships that allow students to get an in-depth look into the planning and execution of special events, specifically the Stars & Stripes Festival in Sterling Heights, MI,  Harley Fest in Sterling Heights, MI  the Uncle Sam Jam in Woodhaven, MI, and the St. Clair Riverfest in St. Clair, MI.  This unpaid internship takes place at the offices of Funfest Productions, Inc. at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights.

Internships are offered in the following departments:

  • Marketing/Social Media
  • Facility Management
  • Sponsorships
  • Guest Services/Box Office
  • Event Management/Production

Interested in applying?  Please email your cover letter and resume to:

Kristin Kamlay –

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Au cours des dernires annes, la prvalence de la maladie de Lyme chez les chiens non vaccins dans les rgions o elle est endmique est passe 75%, atteignant par le fait mme une des premires places au palmars des maladies infectieuses canines. Entendons nous bien, la tique du cerf au Qubec est le seul organisme capable de transmettre la maladie de Lyme. Vous ne cheap jerseys pouvez donc pas attraper la maladie par l’entremise de cheap jerseys votre chien ou de votre chat, seulement wholesale nba jerseys de la tique mme. Par contre, ils peuvent aisment servir de transport une tique infecte qui arrivera ainsi dans votre cour o vous et votre famille jouez dans l’herbe.Articles Connexes:

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Top 7 Requisites for Scrum Teams An ideal team includes seven members, plus or minus two. According to study, small teams work together best. Once a team grows to more than nine or shrinks to smaller than five, its ability to perform well as a team is greatly diminished. Teams are comprised of cross functional members, including software engineers, architects, programmers, analysts, QA experts, testers, UI designers, etc. By creating a team composed of individuals with backgrounds in a diverse range of disciplines, a spectrum of opinions, ideas, and experiences are represented in the group. Not only does this mean that all development activities can be performed by the group, it also means that multiple perspectives will inform difficult decisions. Team members should be located in the same room, called the team room. While a single location for the team won’t ensure success with Scrum, it helps a lot. When a team is able to work within the same, small vicinity, Scrum’s emphasis on communication
Why Is My Stomach Burning Burning in the stomach, also called dyspepsia, is not an uncommon occurrence. Over the counter medications can help relieve stomach burning in some cases, but persistent or severe burning will require evaluation and treatment by your doctor. of dyspepsia may include gnawing or burning pain, bloating, burping, heartburn, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. A weakness in the sphincter at the bottom of the esophagus or incomplete closure of the sphincter allows food and stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus if you have GERD. Dyspepsia can also be a sign of a stomach ulcer or gastritis, an inflammation of the lining of your stomach. pylori antibodies which can cause gastritis and stomach ulcers. Your Jordy Nelson Packers Road White Youth Jersey doctor may also recommend an X ray of your small intestine and stomach and an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy if you suffer from burning pain in your stomach. During the procedure, your doctor uses a lighted tube inserted in your mouth to examine your gastrointestinal

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