Welcome to Funfest Productions!

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Proud Producers of Great Michigan Festivals and Concerts!

Join us in 2015 for the following events:

Stars and Stripes Festival

Stars and Stripes Festival 

Uncle Sam Jam

Uncle Sam Jam Fest

St.Clair Riverfest

St. Clair Riverfest

RockinRiverfront - ffwebsite

Rockin’ on the Riverfront Concert Series


Freedom Hill Amphitheatre

Harley fest - funfest website

   Harley Fest

Italian Fest- website tile

 Italian Fest

Fantasticon- website tileFantasticon 

adniamo showroom- website tile

Andiamo Celebrity Showroom 


Interested in selling or promoting your product or business at one of our events?

Call:  (586) 493-4344

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